Treatments of water

Tratamientos de agua

Like specialists in the treatment of the water, will adapt him his water so that it was a pure water without impurities, bad smells or unpleasant taste, for this analyses his water and to measure of this analysis plants a squad that makes possible that you can consume the best water to the best price.

Our services include:

  • Treatment water phreatic (installations of water no potable for watering and fires, disinfection with ultra violet or hipoclorito sódico; predictive maintenance, preventive and correctivo).
  • Containers of  pressure, with or without membrane, so much for installations of potable water as no potable as well as containers for compressors and another type of machinery (normative, legalisation, management; predictive maintenance, preventive and correctivo).
  • Head offices and deposits of water of all type; groups of pumping, variators, automatisms, protections, valves, communications...
  • Installation and reparation of devices of decalcification and osmosis. 

Forget of the garrafas and ask us presupposed without commitment. As we always put to his disposal the best marks and the most qualified professional.
All our installations always go accompanied of an agreement of maintenance so that his device always east in perfect conditions. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat